Natick's Community Bookstore

Where Readers and Neighbors Meet

Ten Trees Books is an independently owned and operated bookstore founded by a Natick family and located in the heart of historic Natick Center. Offering the community a warm, inviting space where residents and book lovers can pursue their literary interests and cultivate their imaginations. We foster diversity in our book selection and are uniquely focused on providing readers access to whatever they choose to read. With a mission to build community and connections, our bookstore was created with a love of the town and its vision for the future.

If you can’t make it to our store you can support Ten Trees Books by ordering online, through our website or going to and choosing our store to support. was founded with the explicit aim of helping to save the indie bookstore. shares 80% of profits with local bookstores, and also offers an affiliate link for authors, literary media, and publishers. In the three years since launching, has put $30 million into the hands of independent bookstore owners.

Audiobooks that support Ten Trees Books

Audiobooks that support Ten Trees Books makes it possible for you to buy audiobooks directly through Ten Trees Books.

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Hey, book lovers! I’m Kim, a mom and Natick resident, on a mission to build community by providing a space for people to gather and make connections with their neighbors through a shared love of reading. My husband and I have moved with our daughter several times over the years and when we finally landed in Natick we absolutely fell in love with our beautiful town. I also saw the need and opportunity to bring a bookstore to our lively and diverse downtown neighborhood. The name Ten Trees Books was chosen because of its connection to Natick’s Town Common. In 2020 the town regrettably had to replace ten diseased Ash Trees and chose a variety of tree species selected for their diversity and ability to make the town center even more beautiful. I believe this symbolizes new beginnings and spiritual growth, which can also be found in the pages of books and in the exchange of ideas. Come visit our Indie Bookstore, where all are welcome to explore!

– Kim